Troop 7 since 1922 George Merrick Troop 7 of Coral Gables Kiwanis Club of Coral Gables

Since 1922, more than three thousand boys have benefited from the timeless lessons that only scouting can offer, and a number of our adult volunteers have more than 30 years of service with the troop. Sponsored by George Merrick Foundation and the Kiwanis Club of Coral Gables, our scout cabin, originally constructed in 1926 is located at 1107 South Greenway on the Granada Golf Course in Coral Gables, Florida. Every Wednesday evening at 7:15pm the Boy Scouts meet. Cub Scouts meet on Wednesday evenings, also and Girl Scouts on Saturdays.

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    Inscription. When George Edgar Merrick (1886-1942) designed his idealistic City of Coral Gables in the early 1920s, he created a special area for scouts and built a rustic log cabin for his Troop 7 boy scouts on this site. Today, only the chimn...

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    George Merrick Troop 7 is one of the oldest troops in the country, founded in 1910. The troop has a long and storied history, producing many Eagle Scouts over the years. Here are seven facts about Troop 7 you may not know. George Merrick Troop 7...

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Call Robin Burr, Scoutmaster for more information:
305-443-7973 or cell 305-794-1541

Troop 7 is for boys ages 11-18


Boys ages 6-10 visit the web site

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since 1922

George Merrick Troop 7 of Coral Gables
1107 South Greenway Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33134 USA
phone: 305-443-7973 ? e-mail:

meeting every Wednesday evening at 7:15 pm

sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Coral Gables and the George Merrick Foundation

Kiwanis Club of Coral Gables

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and how you can help support the Troop 7 building fund through our 501(c)3 Foundation.