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History Awards & Court of Honor
March 11th, 2001, 2-5 pm
Troop 7 Cabin
1107 South Greenway Drive

Troop 7 has a long history of outstanding adult volunteerism and beginning in 2000 we started the Joe Crownover Troop 7 History Awards in honor of Assistant Scoutmaster Joe Crownover, who joined the troop as a boy in 1931, and kept meticulous records over the years. Known as "Mr. Troop 7 History." Pictured are the Scouts reading the Troop 7 History Cards depicting the historical events over the years.

Troop 7 History Night Awards Presentation
Every year, we like to take the opportunity to publicly thank all those individuals and organizations that have contributed their time, energy and resources to insure another successful year of scouting for George Merrick's Troop 7.

As many of you know, it takes a considerable amount of effort to maintain the scout house and property for the benefit of not only the boy scouts, and also for the cubs and girl scouts who use our location every week as well.

Thanks to a dedicated group of outgoing and energetic volunteers, we are able to offer an exciting program of outdoor activities, educational opportunities and leadership skills to these children in their formative years.

I am very proud to present the following awards this evening in recognition of outstanding contributions to George Merrick's Troop 7.

George Merrick Troop 7 Benefactors Award
Friends and former members of this troop are very generous with their financial and material support, with donations of money, as well as goods and services to the troop. George Merrick started with his magnanimous donation of land on the Greenway and the original scout log cabin. Over the years, many others have followed.

Our Vice Mayor has long been an ardent supporter of the George Merrick scouting programs, offering advice, guidance and financial support to our organization over the past two decades. Last year, when we needed emergency repairs on the roof of the scout building, Jack and Dorothy Thomson gave us a very generous donation on the occasion of our George Merrick Retrospective Dinner in June.

This year, we are proud to present the George Merrick Troop 7 Benefactors Awards to Dorothy and Jack Thomson. Unfortunately the Thomsons are not able to join us this afternoon as their grandson is being baptized.

The Albert Bartle Troop 7 Volunteer Service Award
Today we wish to recognize the efforts of many volunteers, as well as scouts in keeping the continuity of the troop intact over the span of many years. Albert Bartle was our first scoutmaster, setting the tone for longevity of service beginning with 16 consecutive years, beginning in 1922. Albert Bartle Troop 7 Volunteer Service Award emphasizes the importance of long term service in the troop.

Today we honor a Troop 7 volunteer who generously came to the aid of the troop when they most needed his help. You heard about this gentleman when the Troop 7 History cards were read. As Committee Chairman, he held the troop together after the cabin burned down in 1971 and generously stored all the troop's equipment in his garage. He was also instrumental in raising funds to rebuild the Rex Hawkins Scout House we enjoy today.

In appreciation for his outstanding volunteer service, I am proud to present the Albert Bartle Troop 7 Volunteer Service Award to William C. Martin. Pictured is William C. Martin (left) and Joe Crownover (right).

Joe Crownover Troop 7 History Award
(Presented by last year's recipient, Robert V. Burr)
Assistant Scoutmaster Joe Crownover set the gold standard for archiving the history of Troop 7. This evening, we wish to award the Joe Crownover Troop History Award to a scout historian who did a great deal to archive troop photographs and document our troop history by re-organizing our troop log books. These troop logs are full of cherished memories of many former scouts, volunteers and their activities.

Last year I was honored with this award myself for building and maintaining the troop web site. Today, please join me in honoring the scout whose dedicated work made it so much easier for me to convert these materials to digital form.

For outstanding contribution to preserving and publishing the history of Troop 7, I am proud to present the Joe Crownover Troop 7 History Award to Eagle Scout Gregory M. Dinio. Pictured is Greg Dinio (left) and Robert Burr (right).


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