Troop 7 Looe Key '98

???Troop 7 made the trek to Camp Sawyer (on Little Duck Key, just North of Big Pine Key) Friday the 14th of August, 1998. When we got there at about 7:30pm it began to rain. Light at first, then it got gradually harder. Lightning sporadically lit up the campgrounds from a distance. We set up our tents just in time for it to start to pour down on us. Tents attempted to flee the premises, but we managed to stake them down before they got too far. By midnight however, it had stopped and we returned to our tents to try to get to sleep.

???When we woke up that morning we were rushed to breakfast, but it was pretty chaotic so we just had cereal. Then we grabbed our snorkeling/diving gear and headed to a local dive shop - we got there about 9am. To make a long story short, we got on a boat and went to Looe Key. We had 12 snorkelers and 5 divers. We have a few underwater pictures from the boat below and on the next page...

???So, when we got back to Camp Sawyer most of our stuff had dried out in the sun, so we collected it and packed it away. Since our SPL Tony C. was moving to Orlando, this was his last trip. We started a small fire with a bit of Tony's help. Tony had to be in Orlando as of that Sunday so he left camp early with Adam S. and his mother. Roberto B. was assigned to take over as SPL for the trip. Nick M. and JC M. were assigned to be our temporary fire marshals. We had a short intermission to eat dinner and play a card game "Futile War."? After it started to die out around midnight the two fire marshals extinguished the fire.

???We woke up the next morning to eggs, sausage and some left over cereal. We packed up our things and placed them in our vehicles then preformed a check of the area and cleaned the showers. Then we made the drive back to the scout house to store the campout gear. Once we were done we all got rides home and rested. We had all had a big weekend.

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