Troop 7 How to Tie Knots

Double Sheet Bend

??Thanks to Patrick Greenlee for informing us about this knot. The following is their information as it was when it was sent to us. Thanks again, Patrick, for helping to make this site one of the best around!

??"The double sheet bend, like the sheet bend is used to fasten a small line to a larger one. In the illustration the light colored line would be the smaller and the darker one would be the larger. A double sheet bend may be employed when a sheet bend may not have enough friction to hold well.

??"In your web picture it would appear that the person that tied the knot was left handed or standing on their head as the darker line is held fast and the lighter line is manipulated to form the knot, it would have been quite awkward for a right handed person positioned right side up.

??"I have personally tied triple sheet bends to secure polypropylene due to its being so slipery and still when not under some tension it may loosen enough to fall apart."

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